Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

mooncake festival at ktt

pau and his housemate, arun
together with jing ying
a bunch of spectacled guys...
beautiful lanterns...
this guy here, i always adore him like my little brother...

first and last celebration of mooncake festivals at ktt. next year, it's going to be at indon. going to miss this guys... very memorable indeeded. about 60 of us, chinese and indians, jpa sponsored medic and dentistry students came together and celebrated the festival with musical chairs and lanterns, walking up the hill... to the top...it was one of the best moment i have ever had together with my friends. some brought guitar and sang to the girl they fell for...a romantic moment

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

farewell party 2007

this time my hair is long enough to go for a third haircut. and it looks much better this time. a different outlook. this proves how vain a man can be... yesterday night the prefect board had a farewell party again, i attended, but this time with a different status, no more a member of the prefect board. it feels awkward as anyone would have expected since you practically don't know who the juniors are and those you know are not those you normally mingle with. so that's left with the few remaining lower six prefects in school. nevertheless, it turned out to be okay since i met my old schoolmates, which was my main objective in the first place---to kill all the birds with one stone. go to one party and meet everybody there better than seeing different people at different venues at different intervals. that's going to be really time and vit.M consuming.

foo zen xing, jia goon
cai ping
the past and the present
lin wai and yan yee

Monday, July 09, 2007

haih...it has been a week here in KTT. hoo...one whole week of orientation. and really sorry for not updating this blog for so long already. yeah, i said i will bring my laptop here...but guess what i was rather doubtful about the security over here on top of the situation that none of my housemates brought their laptop. so i decided to ask my mother to bring it home. finally, i manage to settle down and post a new article. as an appetiser, i came to KTT by taxi, droven by an Indonesian(what a coincidence) and he "rightfully" loses his way. he has no idea where is KTT. anyway, we managed to reach KTT with a whole stomach of irritation. well, there were quite many chinese there. met some Indonesia bound students as well. got Poland, Czech Republic, India and Melaka Manipal. and practically everybody here are excellent students. so somehow pressure is felt over here. the apartment i am staying in is not bad. all my housemates are chinese. very nice people la. initially, it was like hell staying here for the first few days (exactly like NS). but now, it's fun. so many friends over here. ...Denning, Lim, Hao Qi, Hao Ming, Tiw Zhung Shen, Liang Jie, Zhen Yao, Zhen Liang, Kean Seng, John, Douglas, Pau Kat Siong, Wei Bian, Jessie(he's a guy), Yi You, Wei Ming, Mak, Roger, Zul, Qayyum, Yong Yao... great time here. ok, that's it for now. have some issue with privacy over here.
P.S.:got problem with the title here. so no title for the time being.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

McD after Tan Chai Ang's Maths T tuition

this time, i decided to change a little, to mix with a slightly different company. although kok jie is still a constant. i wanted to give them a treat, but McD ain't cheap. so i only bought a burger for each of us and a french fries as well. the rest...i suggested they share it among themselves...ERGHHH...SO CONTRADICTORY! i just can't believe that i actually did it. i promise i will give them a 100% treat when i start working next time... it's a promise...

hooi ann (my form 1 classmate and the proud owner of a horrendous laughter)

wan li (the naive teenage girl. her smile is always so infectious.) and han cheng (the monitor of L6S1 yet doesn't seem to know how to organise his stuffs well)

huan chen (a kiasu fella who knows his maths and sciences very well and at the same time stays pride to be privileged with a wicked laughter)
kok jie (never cuter, not forgetting his fats molecules struggling to break through the thin fabric of his Debate Club tee)
i thought i smile, didn't i? how come i look so fierce here...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jesus Christ